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syellevidaward's Journal

The Sylar/Elle Video Awards
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To Give Awards For The Best Fanvideos Made of Elle and Sylar
Welcome to the Sylar/Elle Video Awards community! With so many great fanvideos coming out, we want to reward the makers with a little recognition. Below, you'll find rules and guidelines for the awards.

--Eligible videos include those posted in the Sylar/Elle community between January 1, 2008 and January 31, 2009
-- As tempting as it is, please find work other than your own to nominate.
--You can nominate one video for each category.
-- An author can have more than one video nominated as long as it isn't in the same category (Ex: Syelle has a video nominated in Most Original Song Choice and Comedy– that is fine – Syelle can't have two videos in Comedy)
-- If someone nominates an author for a category that they already have a nomination in, the author must choose which video they want to be in the category.
-- If a video fits more than one category, it can go in both categories.
-- All categories are open to any rating and any style.
-- Nominated authors will receive a comment at their LJ notifying them of their nomination.
-- Authors that have been nominated but do not want to participate can have their videos pulled – just contact one of the maintainers!

*IMPORTANT*: We repeat, videos must have been posted at the sylarelle to be nominated, with the exception of the Out of Community category.
To nominate a video:
- Reply to the nominations post – state the category, author, title, and a link to where the video is located. Please do not embed the video.
- The moderators will be updating the list with the nominations and links to the videos
- Nominees will be able to grab a banner showing that they had work nominated -- banners will be added soon.
- Once nominations are closed, the voting will begin.

!Nomination post found here!
How to Nominate
To Vote:
-- Reply to the voting post with your votes.
-- All comments will be screened so nobody else can see your votes.
-- Please do not keep voting for your favorite author or video. The mods are trusting that we are all adults and will not stoop to child-like behavior.
-- Once voting is finished, the votes will be tallied and the winners announced.
-- Winners will be able to pick a shiny banner for their specific category.
How to Vote
For descriptions about each category, please read the categories post in the community, found here!
-Character Studies: Sylar/Gabriel and Elle
-Most Original Song Choice
-Best Video Manips
-Best Use of Non-Heroes footage
-Best Image / Rhythm sync
-Best Use of Dialogue
-Best Use of Song
-Best Storytelling
-Most Creative
-Outside of Community:Sylar/Elle and Zach/Kristen
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spinoff of syelleficawards! (rules modified from there)